Who We Are

Hi, my name is Manda, welcome to my garden!
Like so many of us, I have more skin imperfections than I can count on two hands... specifically the puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles under my eyes which tack about twenty years on my face.
Looking for a solution to this, I was introduced to Golden Osmanthus, a flower native to Japan and known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The Japanese skin product I used had Golden Osmanthus flowers directly infused and had remarkably positive effects on my skin imperfections. 
You see, local Japanese/Chinese people routinely utilize the Golden Osmanthus flower in a blended skincare formula. In doing this, the locals have realized the flower's anti-inflammatory properties have incredible effects on the skin. Golden Osmanthus has been scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity, even skin discoloration, and rejuvenate skin texture and tone. 
Desperately needing a refill on my Golden Osmanthus skin products, I frantically searched the American marketplace, unable to find a company that made such products. With this, I set out to develop my own skin care line based around the Golden Osmanthus flower, on a mission to bring this amazing flower to America.
Working with local Japanese farmers to develop all of our products, our team realized the importance of sustainable production, and decided that something needed be done in order to give back to the communities in which we make our natural products. To do this, we have partnered with Pandas International, in which we donate a percentage of all our proceedings towards endangered pandas in the same region our products originate from. 
The mission of Manda's Garden is to bring the hidden treasure of the Far East to the Western world in an effort to bring nature back into skincare. It is about time that Golden Osmanthus makes its way into our routines!