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  • SPF Protection & Your Skin!

      The sun. You've heard the good & the bad. You've heard you get essential vitamins from the sun and receive dangerous rays simultaneously.      Let's start with the good. Sun Exposure Benefits   Epidermal exposure to sunshine triggers the production of Vitamin D, a crucial component of hea... View Post
  •    Problem    Under-eye bags are one of the most common epidermal symptoms that come with age. As you age, tissues & muscles around your eyes weaken. This muscular atrophy gives room for fluid to move into the space below your eyes, accumulating and causing puffiness.  On top of this, the ... View Post
  • Every product formulated by our team at Manda's Garden is crafted with purpose, emphasizing the importance of each individual ingredient. Let's look at the formulation.  Water   Water is the most fundamental ingredient in our hydrating lotion. With the help of the other ingredients i... View Post
  • (Sources linked at bottom) Fun fact: oftentimes, aging is not the primary cause of wrinkles. Instead, a variety of everyday activities contribute to epidermal wrinkling over time.  Unfortunately, unavoidable activities are some of the major catalysts for wrinkles -Being exposed to sunlight -Sm... View Post