Under-Eye Puffiness... What's The Deal?




Under-eye bags are one of the most common epidermal symptoms that come with age. As you age, tissues & muscles around your eyes weaken. This muscular atrophy gives room for fluid to move into the space below your eyes, accumulating and causing puffiness. 
On top of this, the stresses of every day life accelerate the natural aging process and can cause excessive eye bags in those who don't get sufficient sleep. Puffiness under the eyes is commonly associated with dark circles as well, a combination which can put years on your face.
This is a problem that almost every single women suffers from, lucky for you, an activated Japanese flower might just be the solution for your puffiness.



We've all seen people at spas putting chilled cucumbers on their eyelids. Oftentimes, people assume this is simply a gimmick, not actually accomplishing anything useful — well... they're half right.
You see, the chilled component of cucumbers helps reduce inflammation by restricting blood flow. Unfortunately though, cucumbers themselves do not contain highly effective components for under-eye swelling.
That's where cold-activated Golden Osmanthus comes in.
When refrigerated, anti-inflammatory properties in this Japanese flower are activated, presenting a natural solution to under-eye puffiness. 
When applied to the under-eye, cold-activated Golden Osmanthus seeps into the epidermis, penetrating and tightening the skin. 
Cold-activated Golden Osmanthus brings instant puffiness reduction, and with consistent use, a long-term puffiness solution.
To hone the power of cold-activated Golden Osmanthus, we sought out to create a mask specifically for puffy under-eye skin. 
In combination with cold-activated Golden Osmanthus we wanted other scientifically proven ingredients —Glycerin for moisturization, Collagen for skin elasticity, and American Witch Hazel for tightening —in perfect proportions. 
With this desire to revolutionize under-eye skin care, Manda's Garden eye masks were born.
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