Life-Saving Dry Skin Tips

Many of us suffer from dry skin, a condition that leaves our hands, face, elbows, and arms feeling rough, flaky, and ashy. This pain is caused by the skin not receiving enough moisture from the atmosphere. So, moisture is obtained from deeper layers of the dermis which dries the skin out. So how can we combat this?
1. Moisturize! Using a heavy moisturizer to seal in moisture is essential in the winter! You'll want to apply it to an already damp face for maximum retention.
2. Take colder showers! You don't have to take ice cold showers, but hot showers do degrade the skin's protective lipid barriers leaving you susceptible to dry skin. At least try lukewarm showers.
3. Exfoliate! You can tackle a lot of moisture issues simply by mechanically washing away the dead cell layer to reveal healthy, moist, glowing skin. 
4. Use a humidifier if possible. Since we do spend so much of our days asleep in our homes, sleeping in an environment with added atmospheric moisture can help our skin draw saturation from the air around us rather than dry out.
5. Bundle up in the cold! It's important to keep your skin from getting chapped from icy weather. This raw skin ends up drying faster and creating a cycle of dryness. For those areas that are inconvenient to cover, such as our faces, that's where moisturizing tools and lip balm come in. 
Manda's Moisture-Retaining Lotion
Be careful when looking for lotions to choose the one that's right for you. Many lotions on the market contain irritants that can actually cause your skin to dry out even more despite being advertised as moisturizing solutions. Manda's Garden's Golden Osmanthus Lotion is gentle but effective at sealing in the skin's natural moisture. Since it is derived from the all-natural Golden Osmanthus flower, it is free of the harmful products in many ointments and lotions out there.