Inflammation - What EXACTLY is going on?

Inflammation is your body's way of protecting itself. Essentially, when your immune system recognizes things such as irritants, pathogens, and damaged cells, inflammation occurs as your biological responses work to remove it. At times, this inflammation can be beneficial, notifying you that your body needs care and protection. However, oftentimes, inflammation can persist longer than necessary, which can be a net harm. 



Skin Inflammation

Inflammatory skin diseases are extremely common, the most common problem in dermatology. These skin diseases range from occasional rashes to itching to redness to chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.



Inflammation of the skin can be acute or chronic.

Acute inflammation arises due to UV ray exposure, allergens, or contact with chemical irritants. Cases of acute inflammation are far more common.

Chronic inflammation occurs due to a consistent autoimmune response from the skin itself. This type of epidermal inflammation lasts much longer than acute inflammation, and is often more serious. 




For the treatment of acute inflammatory responses, the most common skin ailment, natural antioxidant compounds are recommended. The molecule PGE-2 is a major part of skin inflammation. Natural antioxidants are known for blocking the production of PGE-2 in skin exposed to sunlight. In this way, topical products with naturally occurring antioxidants are the best agents to prevent skin inflammation. These natural compounds neutralize PGE-2 and prevent things like redness, irritation, and wrinkles!

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