Golden Osmanthus: Japan's Skin Care Treasure


Skincare in the Western world has been missing out on the benefits of a unique Japanese flower for many years. This 100% natural flower is scientifically tried and true to effectively treat under-eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Sounds too good to be true? Trust me, I thought so too at first. In this short article I will discuss the incredible benefits of Golden Osmanthus, a flower native to Japan that unfortunately hasn’t yet blessed mainstream skin care routines in the Western world… until now.

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Benefits of Golden Osmanthus


It’s time to move on from the useless & unnatural skin products
you’ve probably wasted thousands of dollars on. Today’s skin care industry is riddled with unnatural chemicals, disproven ingredients, and let’s be honest, overpriced products that fail to do what they say. This sad state of the skin care industry is overrun with epidermal irritants stocked full of chemicals that are hard to pronounce and even harder for your skin to tolerate. Not to mention, more than half of the ingredients in most modern skin care products do more to harm the natural chemical balances of your epidermis than they fix the problem they claim to treat. 
Now, imagine a skin care product with a primary ingredient of a Japanese flower... ridiculous right? What if I told you it wasn’t crazy? What if I told you that the key element to getting rid of seemingly permanent under-eye wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles could be treated by the anti-inflammatory properties of a flower passed down by generations in Japan? Golden osmanthus might be what we've all been waiting for: a real, natural solution to the skin imperfections which plague us all. 
Now, I’ve always had under-eye skin complexion which puts a couple decades on my appearance, and upon visiting Japan this past year, I was AMAZED by how flawless the local people’s skin appeared even in old age. Asking around in broken Japanese, I finally figured out a common thread in every local’s skin care routine: the native Golden Osmanthus flower. Kept a secret deep in the Far East, Golden Osmanthus is a flowering plant species which is native to Japan. Golden Osmanthus is a staple addition to the skin care routine of local Japanese people, a primary reason the Japanese are known for their fantastic and often flawless skin quality. While the Japanese people have realized and taken advantage of the unbelievable anti-inflammatory properties of Golden Osmanthus for hundreds of years, Golden Osmanthus is largely unknown in the Western world. Manda’s Garden mission is to spread this skin care knowledge of the Japanese to the Western world.



 Introducing the premier product of Manda's Garden: The Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask. A flower-based eye mask which incorporates 100% natural and organic ingredients with concrete science to back up its effectiveness. Now let’s get specific with these benefits. Earlier I showed a diagram quickly highlighting benefits of Golden Osmanthus. Now, let’s look at the primary natural ingredients in our premium Golden Osmanthus Eye Masks and exactly how these components are far superior to other under-eye skin care products on the market. 




At Manda’s Garden, the primary ingredients in every product come straight from the Earth. We firmly believe that organically sourced products are the key to effective skin care. In addition to this, Manda's Garden aims to bring science back into skin care. With so many ineffective products out there, every ingredient in our products is incorporated with purpose, ensuring the most effective and valuable product line. Creating every product with nature's gifts and concrete scientific evidence in mind, Manda’s Garden has compiled the most natural and proven skin care product line available. Don't take our word for it though, check out our overwhelmingly positive customer testimonials.
Congratulations! You are now among the few informed on one of the best-kept secrets of Eastern skin care. The mission of Manda's Garden is to divulge the natural powers of Golden Osmanthus' skin rejuvenating properties to the masses and revitalize skin complexion one happy customer at a time.
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