Golden Osmanthus: 5 Science-Based Benefits


 Have you heard of Golden Osmanthus? Probably not. That's because it is rare to find outside of its native region of Japan and China. For a full introduction check out this blog ---> here
Anyway, let's talk about the benefits of Golden Osmanthus, some of which might surprise you considering the unique and vast applications it has. 
(Citations and references listed at bottom)

Benefits of Golden Osmanthus

1. Skin Care
Golden Osmanthus has a unique array of antioxidants and minerals which give it complexion-healing anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, Golden Osmanthus has antioxidants such as Selenium which actively destroy wrinkle-inducing free radicals in the body. The flower is also known to increase skin elasticity with molecular compounds similar to Vitamin E which reinforce and promote healthy epidermal cell membranes. Lastly, naturally occurring carotene undergoes chemical reactions on the epidermis to convert into Vitamin A, promoting collagen production and breaking down free radicals which cause fine lines in the skin. 
2. Weight Loss via Appetite Suppression 
As quoted by a study done by the popular journal, Scientific Reports, simply inhaling the aroma of Golden Osmanthus has been proven to curb appetite. A chemical reaction occurs in response to the fragrance of Golden Osmanthus which slows down the appetite-inducing effects of certain brain chemicals. For this reason, before you drink Golden Osmanthus tea or apply Golden Osmanthus skin products, be sure to smell their heavenly aroma!
3. Combatting Allergies
In Japan, whenever people under the weather due to seasonal allergies, a common and effective remedy is the consumption and inhalation of Golden Osmanthus. This flower is naturally rich with anti-allergens which greatly aid in congestion, especially when osmanthus leaves are steeped to make hot tea. Moreover, Golden Osmanthus aids in remedying common allergen effects including congestion in throat and inflamed lungs. 
4. Alleviates Stress
The essential oil derived from natural Golden Osmanthus is widely used in Eastern culture to soothe anxieties, treat mental fatigue, and alleviate general symptoms of depression and stress. The potent aromas of Golden Osmanthus react with mood-altering chemicals in the bloodstream to relax and soothe the body. For this reason, Golden Osmanthus' scent is often incorporated into Eastern meditation routines. 
5. Prevents/Mitigates Chronic Disease
When an area of the body is inflamed or infected, an excessive amount of nitric oxide is produced which has been linked in scientific studies to the development of cancer, diabetes, and renal disease. Scientific studies have shown that Golden Osmanthus, when ingested, works to remove and suppress excess nitric oxide. In this way, Golden Osmanthus works to prevent and alleviate chronic inflammatory diseases.